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Crystal Clear Systems is not a big business with large premises and lots of staff, and the associated costs.  I operate on an “associate” model, and work with a regular and fluid association of professionals as and when the project demands.

The aim is to provide cost-effective, trustworthy, and reliable services to businesses like yours.

Below you will find a very brief summary of our main areas of activity, but a conversation is often the best way forward. We don’t believe in hard-selling, so a phone call will not put you on a list for relentless pestering – we are always happy to have a chat!

For more information, please contact me.

Not all business owners are comfortable with technology, and investing in software can be a nerve-wracking and risky process - everyone has heard horror stories of when it has gone wrong.

I can help with cost-effective and honest support, where you need it most.

You may want someone to do the business analysis, prepare a specification or invitation to tender, help you find the right provider, and support you through the implementation process, or even project manage the whole exercise.

Alternatively you may just want an extra pair of hands to support your internal team in one or two specific areas.

I don’t have a specific product or system to sell, so will work with you to give you what your business needs, as opposed to what my business needs to sell.

Most businesses have too many spreadsheets, and could often do with moving to more robust systems with less duplication or moving about of data. This normally means some form of database.

I am a certified SQL Server Database specialist, with extensive experience of developing small and large solutions for a huge range of purposes.

From Microsoft Office automation, using Excel, Access, Word, and the other applications in the suite, through to web-based, hosted applications, a full range of options is available to address the business requirement.

I also specialise in picking up older, "tired" applications, especially Access databases, and upgrading, repairing, or replacing them.

Business Intelligence and the analysis of your data to obtain the best possible visibility of what is happening in your business is key.

With an extensive background in operations, warehousing, retail supply chain, and ecommerce, I am able to assess the business requirement, and have the technical skills to source the information required or, if it is not available, to put in place the metrics able to generate it in the future.

The process may be a matter of administrative duplication, or time-consuming office-based activities, or it may be a production workflow issue.

Whatever the problem, I am able to analyse and suggest alternatives or remedies that will give you better control of your business, and more time to spend on revenue-generating activities.