About David Hardstaff

“David is among a select group of people I would consider invaluable. A bit like a Stephen Fry of the IT world, but without the book deals and the TV shows.”

(Wayne Smallman, Octane Interactive)

David Hardstaff

After school and university, and the usual variety of jobs of one sort and another (including teaching beginners to water-ski one summer!), I moved to London in 1984, and worked in retail, print production, distribution, facilities, operations and IT.

The operations and IT bit was the real lesson – I discovered that two parts of a business that really ought to be inter-dependent spent very little time trying to understand each other.

After I had been Operations head honcho for a bit over a decade at a greeting card and stationery business, it was sold, so I took the opportunity to go off on my own, and put what was by then a decent 25 years of experience to use helping a range of other businesses.

It’s now 35 years, and I have probably learned as much, if not more, in the last decade as I did in the first two-and-a-half decades!

So I get technology, and I get business metrics, processes and systems. I now specialise in sourcing or building those systems for my clients, and in developing management information systems to give them crystal clarity about what is happening in their business.  Hence the name of the business!

To avoid too much overload, if you want more background, check out LinkedIn (here).  You can also find Case Studies on my profile page there as well.

If you want to see what people have said about me, then it’s here on my Testimonials page.

To find out more, or to have a chat without any obligation or hard-sell, please contact me here, or call 01438 832724.

Out of the office …

I was a primary school governor at our village school for six years.  Then I was a Parish Councillor for eight years, and the Chair for seven, which I have just stepped down from, so I am looking for the next challenge!

I have a large vinyl record collection, and have been known to play some of it on various radio stations.

I live in a Hertfordshire village, with my wife and intermittent student-age offspring.

Other websites

I do a lot of Microsoft Access, and other database, work – find out more here.

Microsoft Excel is another specialism – find out more here.

For collating data, and easy reporting and beautiful dashboards, you need Microsoft PowerBI – find out more here.