I assume that you went into business to deliver the best product or service that you can, and provide the highest standard of customer experience?

Instead, perhaps you spend a lot of your time on “administration” and just keeping things going, instead of being able to concentrate on growing revenues and business?

I can help with all of that …

Looking for software or a new system, or in need of an upgrade?

I carry out business and requirement analysis, write specifications and invitations to tender, and support you through the process of finding a new provider or partner for your business.

I can also project-manage any implementation in a hands-on fashion – if you lack the resource or the expertise to manage and migrate your business data, for example, I can step in and help with that.

I can help you source off-the-shelf software, or I can help you with bespoke development projects, either by finding the right partner, or by developing it myself, or with my trusted team of associates.

Struggling with old, broken or unsupported systems?

With many years of experience with Microsoft Office products, especially Access databases and Excel spreadsheets, I can pick up critical files that are no longer supported by anyone in your business, and help you to get them stable and up to date.

Sometimes this does involve replacing them, of course, but I always try to salvage what I can from the original systems and processes, to cause as little disruption as possible – not all businesses like change!

As well as specialising in Microsoft Office, I am also a certified SQL Server Database Administrator, so can work with a variety of database systems across server-based and hosted environments.

Looking for some visibility about your business performance?

With an operational background, primarily in the print industry, covering the retail supply chain, warehousing, inventory management, demand forecasting, ecommerce, and a wide range of other activities, I am experienced in management information from job costing, estimating, and production planning, through to customer service, order processing, and fulfilment.

I know what business metrics to look for, and my technical experience enables me to find the right data if it exists, or put in place the right metrics if it doesn’t.

Please look around the site, and call for a chat on 01438 832724 or send me a message.