I am not a big business with large premises and lots of staff, and the associated costs.  I operate on an “associate” model, and work with regular partners as and when the project demands.

We are a fluid association of professionals who collaborate to provide cost-effective services to businesses like yours.

I concentrate on four main areas, as set out below, but the bottom line is that, whatever your operational or technical business issue, I will be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

For more information about each area, please click the headings below, or contact me.


I analyse the requirement, and can then help you source something off the shelf and implement that, or I can specify, develop and implement a fully bespoke system, and various options in between.

Whatever the issue, I will provide honest, cost-effective support.  I don’t have a specific product or system to sell, so will work with you to give you what your business needs, as opposed to what my business needs to sell.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

I’m a database specialist, so understand how to get rid of duplication, nonsense and rubbish.  I can streamline your business data, and also ensure that it is structured in such a way that you can easily report on it, and that those reports will give you valuable information about your business.

Business Process

Operational efficiency is often overlooked, especially if you are profitable.  I help to make you more profitable, by streamlining processes, integrating systems, and stripping out waste.

It’s a good way to make more money without having to find more customers!


This is the general bit.  I have systems and methodologies that can help you define, model and implement your business goals and strategies.

I help you by taking an objective view of various aspects of your business, and by perhaps offering a different perspective.  I will also help you implement changes ‘hands-on’ so I don’t just tell you how to run your own business, and then send you an invoice!


Unlike many, if not most, ‘consultancy’ firms I am happy to give fee guidance.  Obviously many projects are fixed fee which is by negotiation but, as a general pointer, there is some information here.

Nothing is set in stone, however, as I am my own boss.  If you have a proposal that makes sense to all parties, then let’s hear it!