Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Management Reporting, Dashboards …

Call it what you like, it’s all about presenting and interpreting your business data in the best way to give you complete visibility of what is really going on.

In the end, almost everything that we do in a business boils down to the data.  Without it, you can’t market; you can’t keep in touch with your customers, or sell them the right things; come to think of it, you can’t easily sell them anything, as without inventory data and order processing data you wouldn’t know where to start!

It’s usually straightforward to work out how many orders you have sent out in a week, and how much those orders were worth.

Data analysis often stops there for many businesses.  It’s probably not so simple to tell how many orders went out late, or which ones were short of some items of stock.

It’s even less easy to tell whether you should have sent them out in the first place – perhaps some of your customers are simply not profitable to deal with.

Without data analysis giving you the answers to questions like these, you are trading without a decent level of visibility about what is happening in your business.  This means that, while you may not be losing money, you are potentially not making as much money as you could.

Indeed, it’s often the business that is making money that lets data analysis fall by the wayside.  If you feel you are doing OK, then that may be good enough … but you could perhaps be doing even better!

Every business will have different specific challenges, but the essential data analysis issues are almost always the same.

I have spent decades solving problems like these with effective data analysis, and a brief, no-obligation chat (without constant nagging follow-up phone calls!) might start you thinking about whether we can solve some for you … contact me today.