I’m not very fond of the ‘c’ word. Consultancy has that feeling of superiority, and is open to the challenge of “If you have all the answers, then why aren’t you doing it for yourself?”

I don’t take that approach – my angle is that I have spent my working life under the bonnet.  I and the people I work with haven’t been CEOs, necessarily, or strategists, even though we have been in senior management roles and are used to operating at board level.

Anyone working with me has been a specialist in their area, and those areas are not always glamorous, but they are important.

So if you talk to me, you don’t really get consultancy, but you get collaboration, support, and opinions on how you might look at something from a different angle.  It’s not even advice, as you probably know your own business better than I do.

I will look at what your problems are, and I won’t go through a top-to-bottom ‘health-check’ that will only cost you money before anything happens.  I will, however, reserve the right to lift the corners of the carpet to see what horrors might lurk beneath!

I will come up with the simple ideas first – little steps are easier to take, rather than throwing everything out and rebuilding.  Whatever I suggest, I will be honest with you about the reasons.  It may sound corny, but I’d rather help you with a small project, and get your repeat business, or a referral and some positive feedback, than do a lot of expensive work and not really add any value.  I will also actually do stuff for you.

Working with me is not a matter of being told how to fix something, and then being sent an invoice.  I work with you as part of your team, as appropriate, and will make sure that whatever solutions I have brought actually deliver some value and are properly implemented.

So if you think consultancy means somebody asking to borrow your watch, and then telling you what the time is, try talking to us.  It might be a breath of fresh air, not only for your business, but for your view of consultancy!

Call me on 01438 832724.