Business Processes

All operations need robust business processes.  Simple procedures, easily replicated, are the secret to efficiency and success.

Keeping things straightforward makes it easy for your team to take ownership of business processes quite quickly.  This keeps them happy (everyone likes to feel they have value) and keeps the business running smoothly.

Make business processes too complicated, though, and you start to have people becoming part of the business process instead of just owning it.  That’s great until they leave and you are left with having to train up somebody new.

I have a lot of experience of operational management, and businesses processes are a key element of that discipline.  Done properly, they reduce waste, keep your costs down, and improve your customer service.

It is my experience that many businesses have duplication of effort in a number of areas.  The same job is effectively being done twice.  The right systems, and appropriate business processes and data controls, can eliminate that waste, and also reduce the likelihood of errors creeping in.

Remember that if someone is 95% efficient, that sounds very good and you should be happy with their performance.  However, that still means that they might make 5 mistakes in 100 processes.  Multiply that up by all your team and all the processes, and you could have hundreds of errors making their way through your systems.

The right business processes can help to prevent and capture some of those errors.  Nothing involving human beings (or even computers!) will be 100% foolproof, but we can have a good stab at keeping problems to a minimum.

I will analyse your existing activities, and propose changes that might be beneficial.  Then I will help you embed those changes.  Sometimes this involves updates to internal systems, or to websites, and I will coordinate that for you, so that you are not left trying to work out how to achieve something.

As with all that I do, it’s a collaborative process, and I provide full support to your own team or I can do the work for you … whatever suits you best.

I’m happy to talk through your requirement for an initial meeting free of charge … and I don’t believe in keeping my powder dry.  Quite often clients get considerable value out of these initial meetings.  It may be counter-intuitive, but I find that giving away a few trade secrets for nothing helps build a good relationship with clients.

Contact me today for an appointment, or call us on 01438 832724, and let me help you to smooth over those bumps in your business!